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we serve since more than 15 years to a clean environment. Therefore we have uncompromisingly tracked the concept of optimized, so called MPP-charge controllers, from the idea until now, we are not for cheap or less than ideal solutions, which cost more in the end.
Therefore our guideline is: MPP-Chargers, because we want that your solar modules give what they promise.
We also serve you, because our charge controllers are used since more than 15 years in countless pilot projects all around the world.
Even one of our oldest larger projects of a 18kW charging station nearby Leipzig/Germany is after 13 Years still in operation.
In the meantime our technique was continually improved, so that a decision for our charge controllers is a decision for a safe and robust system.
The solar and windpower MPP chargers can be combined to a hybrid MPP charger system, through our smart master-slave technique.

Reference projects:
  1. 18KW MPP- charging station for reed purification plant at Leipzig/Germany, 1996 with Solarwatt Dresden
  2. 18kW MPP-charging station for Telekom uninterruptable power supply, 1996 with FEG, Sömmerda
  3. 2kW MPP-charge controller for solar boat in Heidelberg/Germany , 2004 with Kopf Solar
  4. IZUMI CORPORATION, Hakusan City, Ishikawa, Japan
    Comparison test between MPPT (SMR-MS_EN500) and PWM charger for solar generation